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24 February  3pm - 


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Lübecker Str. 43, 10559 Berlin

参加費 Fee

The workshop itself is free to attend. However, there is a postage fee of 10 €, and it must be paid in cash


To complete the registration process, Click the "Book Now" button or send an email directly to

"Ema Loop Workshop"

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ワークショップについて・About the work shop

Join our interactive workshop designed for collaborative creation, drawing inspiration from the Japanese "Ema" tradition. : Ema are wooden plaques that people write their prayers or wish, and one year later, there is a ritual burning of the ema at a shrine. 

This workshop is designed as an interactive project, encouraging participants to create something meaningful together. Each attendee will be provided with a round cloth bag as part of the experience.

We'll engage in various activities such as drawing, sewing, photography, and journaling about our day. Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring and discuss their favorite items and treasures, fostering a unique exchange of personal stories.

Towards the end of the workshop, we'll conclude with a special ritual. Participants will place their chosen items in their round cloth bags and tie everything together with a string, symbolically connecting all the bags in a collaborative creation.

 I'll collect everyone's "ema" at the end and send them back one year later. To facilitate this, please provide your name, contact email, and current address. Rest assured, I'll contact you via email after one year to confirm your address for the ritual.

​(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾See you soon !! 

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